Sunday, July 2, 2017

STAR Team Mannequin Challenge

As part of our last morning on Medical STAR Team, we did a Mannequin Challenge as a way for you to see the whole team and how we all interact. This is by far the BIGGEST Mannequin Challenge BBI has ever attempted...ok, it's the first we've ever attempted, but still the biggest. Please "Like and Share." Thanks. #starteam #shorttermmissions

STAR Team Profiles 06

This is the sixth and final STAR Team Profile video. I hope this has given you an appreciation for the people God brought together for this trip. We have all been blessed to be part of what God is doing. Please Like and Share. Thanks. #starteam #shortterm missions

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STAR Team Profiles 05

Here is the fifth in our series of Medical STAR Team Profiles (one more to come). I had intended to have these all posted during the week of STAR Team, but slow Internet speeds (for uploading) and other things have slowed down my progress. I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more of our STAR Team members. Please Like and Share this video. Thanks.

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Medical STAR Team - Friday

Friday was a wonderful finale to the week of Medical STAR Team. We had one powerful highlight named Julissa. Please help us spread the word by "Liking and Sharing" this video. Thanks. #starteam #shortermmissions

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STAR Team Profiles 04

This is the fourth in our STAR Team Profile series. I have enjoyed making these and getting to know our team better. We have all enjoyed getting to know each other and working together. Please help us spread these around by Liking and Sharing these videos. Thanks. #starteam #shortermmissions

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Medical STAR Team - Thursday

Thursday we were in a rural church, but still saw around 175 people come through our clinic. After that we returned to our hotel and set up a clinic for the hotel staff. All in all we saw over 200 people in a day for the first time eve and we are glad for that opportunity. #starteam #shortermmissions

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STAR Team Profiles 03

This is the third in our "STAR Team Profiles" series. We have quite a few new team members this year as you will see in this video. It has been great to see how God has worked everyone together as we serve. #starteam #shorttermmissions

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Medical STAR Team - Wednesday

Wednesday our Medical STAR Team was in a school. The director of the school was very excited to have our team there and we saw quite a few children as well as parents. Please help us share what is happening here by Liking and Sharing this video. Thanks. #starteam #shortermmissions

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STAR Team Profiles 02

Here is another batch of Medical STAR Teamers. I hope by the end of the week you will not only know them better, but want to join us next year. #starteam #shorttermmissions

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Medical STAR Team - Tuesday

Today was a good day and I found tile that must have been laid by graduates of the University of Minnesota. The tiles are Maroon and Gold. Watch for them in the video. Please help us spread these videos by Liking and Sharing them. Thanks.

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STAR Team Profiles 01

During the week of STAR Team, we will be showing you videos of what is happening with STAR Team. We've also added something new this year called STAR Team Profiles. This will allow you to see the team members and learn al little bit about them. Here is the first in the series.

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Medical STAR Team - Monday

I'd like to invite you to participate in the events of that transpired Monday with our STAR Team. Despite some heavy rains, we had a good turn out, were able to help people physically, but more importantly we were able to help people spiritually. #starteam #shorttermmissions

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Hope Radio Tower Falls

I traveled to Togo in West Africa in August 2015 to help with the construction of the Hope Radio tower. April 26th a storm blew through that area, here are the results. Please "Like" and "Share" this video to help us spread the word. Thanks.
African Drums (Sting) by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Praying for Missions Teams

Not everyone is able to travel with one of our STAR Teams, however, we would like to invite you to be part of our Prayer Team for the STAR Team Ministries.
You can sign up by sending an email to If you would like to see a sample email, click this link.

Please help us spread the word, "Like and Share" this post. Thanks.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Cross Cultural Evangelism

Cross Cultural Evangelism requires a person to be able to share the Gospel in a way that is understandable to a person in another culture. Intrigued? Click on this link for more information: