Friday, October 20, 2017

The Impact of Short Term Missions

The impact of short term missions trips is really two fold. The team obviously has the opportunity to impact the people to whom they minister. However the team members are also impacted as they share the love of Jesus. Music by

Monday, August 28, 2017

Discipleship STAR Team 2017

Discipleship STAR Team is the frosting on the cake for our STAR Teams. After having visited the same churches with the two previous STAR Teams, it was a blessing to see our friends in Honduras once again. This video doesn't do justice to the joy expressed in our Honduran brothers and sisters as they learned some of the basic biblical principals we sometimes take for granted. Please "Like and Share." Thanks.

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Evangelism STAR Team-Friday

Friday was a day of flexibility as plans changed several times throughout the day, however some of those changes allowed us to send extra teams into the community of Nueva Esperanza. There is a new church plant there and we were able to help reach deeply into that community with the Gospel. Please "Like and Share" this video to help us spread the word about what God is doing. Thanks.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Evangelism STAR Team-Thursday

Today we were able to meet with Julissa Vasquez and her mother. If you remember from our Medical STAR Team, she was the young girl who had several fingers that were connected to each other from birth. She was very happy to see us and said she has followed some of the STAR Team videos on FB. She also said she was very happy to have had the surgery. Please "Like and Share" so others can see what God is doing. Thanks.

Evangelism STAR Team-Wednesday

This is a brief look at what God did through two of the seven evangelism teams that went through the various communities of Copan this Wednesday. What you see here has been multiplied many times as God is moving in the hearts of people. Please "Like and Share" to help us spread the word about what God is doing. Thanks.

Evangelism STAR Team-Tuesday

The group I went out with Tuesday was in the area of Nueva Esperanza (New Hope). This was a community that used to be near a river but everything was destroyed by an overflowing river. The government built this community for those people and most of the men living here work in the fields. This will give you a glimpse into our day. Please "Like and Share" to help us spread the word about what God is doing here. Thanks.

Evangelism STAR Team-Monday

Monday we had several Community Evangelism teams going through the various areas where we held the medical clinics last month. Here is a look at what happened with one of our teams. Please "Like and Share" to help us spread the word about what God is doing here. Thanks.

Evangelism STAR Team-Sunday

We started our week of community evangelism by attending our host church and then relaxing a bit in the afternoon at El Puente park, which had several Maya ruins. We will do our best to keep you up to date on our activities throughout the week. Please "Like and Share" to help us spread the new about what God is doing here. Thanks.
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2017 Medical STAR Team Final

You have seen some of the daily STAR Team videos and the Profile videos, now I'd like to bring the week into perspective for you and give you an overview of what God did during our week of Medical STAR Team. Please Like and Share. Thanks.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

STAR Team Mannequin Challenge

As part of our last morning on Medical STAR Team, we did a Mannequin Challenge as a way for you to see the whole team and how we all interact. This is by far the BIGGEST Mannequin Challenge BBI has ever attempted...ok, it's the first we've ever attempted, but still the biggest. Please "Like and Share." Thanks. #starteam #shorttermmissions

STAR Team Profiles 06

This is the sixth and final STAR Team Profile video. I hope this has given you an appreciation for the people God brought together for this trip. We have all been blessed to be part of what God is doing. Please Like and Share. Thanks. #starteam #shortterm missions

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STAR Team Profiles 05

Here is the fifth in our series of Medical STAR Team Profiles (one more to come). I had intended to have these all posted during the week of STAR Team, but slow Internet speeds (for uploading) and other things have slowed down my progress. I hope you enjoy getting to know a few more of our STAR Team members. Please Like and Share this video. Thanks.

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Medical STAR Team - Friday

Friday was a wonderful finale to the week of Medical STAR Team. We had one powerful highlight named Julissa. Please help us spread the word by "Liking and Sharing" this video. Thanks. #starteam #shortermmissions

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STAR Team Profiles 04

This is the fourth in our STAR Team Profile series. I have enjoyed making these and getting to know our team better. We have all enjoyed getting to know each other and working together. Please help us spread these around by Liking and Sharing these videos. Thanks. #starteam #shortermmissions

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Medical STAR Team - Thursday

Thursday we were in a rural church, but still saw around 175 people come through our clinic. After that we returned to our hotel and set up a clinic for the hotel staff. All in all we saw over 200 people in a day for the first time eve and we are glad for that opportunity. #starteam #shortermmissions

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